Passing the time..

Passing the time..

Viki Karp

It would seem that we are all going to be spending A LOT of time at home for the foreseeable future. These are strange times and they are full of uncertainty. 

It is worth remembering that, once this is all over, we still live on a very damaged planet which, in her own ways, Mother Nature is telling us to stop what we are doing and adjust our way of life.

So, whilst we all have so much time on our hands, how about spending some time around the house looking at what you really need. Be it clothes, furniture, products and so on. Remember the saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure"? You probably have a lot more 'stuff' than you realise and, although it may be of no use to you, someone else may be needing it right now. Whether you donate it to charity, give it to a friend or family member or even list it on eBay, if it is of no use to you, get rid of it! Get the kids involved too. My daughter and I find it very therapeutic having a good clear out.

The same goes with household products. Now, we all need cleaning products and materials but have a look, for example, at the ingredients list on your bottles. I would imagine that you couldn't even pronounce half of them, let alone know what they actually are. There are so many alternatives around nowadays that are made from natural and plant-based ingredients that won't harm you, your children, your pets or aquatic life.

Now have a think about bathroom products. All those lotions and potions, cotton wool and wipes. What did we do before this all existed? And do we really need them? It's all about reusable these days. Cotton pads, flannels, metal razors and a good old fashioned bar of soap. 

The list really is endless!

Our mission at Let's go plastic free is to offer simple, everyday swaps from wasteful to kind. We endorse every single product that we sell. We have bought them, tried them and continue to use them in our everyday life. So, if you are looking to upgrade from cling film, cotton wool, plastic bags, disposable toothbrushes and a whole lot more, we have got you covered.